don’t believe the hype

hyp3beast by mchoy
August 5, 2008, 9:01 am
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This is a going to be a weird post. I can’t sleep and when I can’t sleep I usually hope that accomplishing something will allow me some peace of mind. We will see…

the MEAT of the post after the J U M P


Anyone who knows me knows this is not a word thrown around by the likes of me. This a word thrown around by anonymous posters on sneaker forums, a prickly barb hurled about during online “debates”, and even perhaps a new form of e-Bigotry branded upon people wearing underground chic brands such as huff, supreme, bape, walking around in SB Dunks, bape stars, or some other obscure brand unknown to the vast “uncool” majorities.

But… what I really want to talk about is not these shutter shade wearing sons of bitches because, to be honest, as much as it pains me to see that thin Asian kid awkwardly walking around in his freshly “copped” $200 pair of high quality denim, I have little authority to make the blanket judgment that this hypothetical person is unfashionable or trying to be something altogether apart from who he really is.

This is not a post about fashion. The problem I have with this whole hypebeast phenomenon is that it is merely another manifestation of the giant hype monster that lurks beneath our society. This is a monster whose tentacles touch on much of culture, music, religion, film, television, literature, sports etc. I hope this will not come out as some kind of “fight the power” rant or a “fuck the man” call to arms.

There is no “man”. I am not talking about a concerted orchestration on the part of the talking heads running collective commercialization. This is not a conspiracy theory. This is merely democracy coupled with capitalism working out at its finest. The production of which is a society that does not think it only consumes.

This is the only point that I want to make. When you see a film, read a book, go to a church, do not merely let the experience wash over you hesitating only for a second to make a passive judgment of positive or negative, good or bad.

Think about it.

In all seriousness, venture away from the tendency to turn off anything you have not heard on the radio, anything without a bumping beat. Listen through songs rather than to songs. Have some patience even when its not something that sounds great at first. Take some time and think about the movie you just saw rather than an automatic assessment of good or bad. When get home from church, really think about what part of the experience you actually enjoyed more than merely how it made you feel.

Really, Think about it.

Now, hopefully, someday this will be a real blog… analyzing, thinking about, and discussing random parts of culture, film, religion, music, anything and everything on a daily basis; and we may even create some hype of our own. But hopefully you do not take this to be any sort of absolute because I can only speak for myself and I can not ever say that I am above the hype, only that I am constantly trying not to blindly believe it.

This was probably a much larger and more complex idea than I appreciate or intended to approach when I started, but its what you (or I?) get.

PS. Blogging makes pronoun usage difficult. Hopefully You (We? They? ) all get the American Psycho connection which is a movie that I am not sure I really appreciate or understand at all. But at least I get eProps from Casey, right?


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