don’t believe the hype

Amare Stoudemire is the best Offensive Player in the gam by mchoy

Did anyone check out Amare Stoudemire’s stats yesterday?

17-21, 49 pts, 11 rebs, 6 dimes, 5 steals, 2 blks

And that isn’t the best part… 15-15 on FTs

Believe the hype on this man, his offensive games has completely matured. He is undoubtedly the quickest, strongest, forward in the game. He has arguably the most dependable jumpshot out of  the traditional PF’s in the league right now, and if you crowd him he has the footwork and size to throw it down everytime. And when I say every time…

I mean every time…

Believe me, I’ve been an Amare critic for a long time, but with Steve Nash taking a reduced role and the more half court style the Sun’s have been going to recently, it is impossible to ignore.

I don’t think its news to anyone that Amare rips down rims as hard as most anyone in the league, but from these clips, especially, you have to realize that his offense, unlike Shawn Marion, is not a product of the system. No doubt, he gets a lot of great looks thanks to the orchestration of Steve Nash, his crisp passing, and the Sun’s great offensive spacing, but more and more, his scoring is coming in one-on-one half court sets.

Let me level that my saying, he has a lot to learn on the defensive end, too often going for the block rather than position, but offensively it is hard to deny him the title of best offensive player in the game.

This may or may nor have been obvious to you before, but with the Suns heading toward a more traditional style of play, I felt like it needed to be appreciated.


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