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Cocaine’s a hell of a drug… by mchoy

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve undoubtedly heard all the speculation about where Lebron will end up in the summer of 2010 when arguably the greatest young players, Dwyane Wade, Amare Stoudemire, Chris Bosh, etc., in our generation will all become unrestricted free agents, able to milk the market for all its worth.

Among possible suitors, the Knicks have been thrown in as perhaps the most viable. D’Antoni’s run and gun system will pad his already ridiculously gaudy stats and he will position himself in, supposedly, the hub of American culture. Its no secret that he has expressed his love for all things New York, but I just wonder if everyone is forgetting that New York is still terribly disfunctional. And all this disfunction centers around the Conductor of the Krazytrain himself, Stephon Marbury.

Perhaps in the future we can go more in depth into Basketball’s equivalent to the Election we just had, with teams jockeying for position at the front of the Lebron line, but today I would just like to talk about the tragedy that is Stephon Marbury. Usually, I’m not a big believer in supposed players with behavioral problems sucking the chemistry out of team, most often its the product of poor media portrayal. Stephen Jackson, OJ Mayo, Ron Artest, Randy Moss, even Terrell Owens all seem to be doing well and getting along well with their teammates despite what the sports media would have us believe. However, in the case of Stephon Marbury and his much chronicled downfall, this portrayal is absolutely 100% warranted.

Exhibit A:

Though I suggest you watch the entire thing, believe me it gets progressively worse and more hilarious, highlights after the JUMP

1:27 “I”m going to average about 10 pts, 12-13 dimes, 2-3 assists, 4-5 reb”

silly mistake right, dimes are the same as assists, maybe he was just being silly, wait theres more…

3:22 He goes on some rant about how Dallas was a great team, but lost in the first round. Then he says he would like to be where Dallas is at…

4:30 He talks about how he always wants to win “that shiny stuff” a championship, but then he says that he doesn’t really want to win a championship. He starts saying… “I shoot to win, I shoot to win” ??

Ok… maybe he’s just not the brightest bulb in the box and he’s just not very articulate. But then, just as we think it can’t get any worse, he goes off the deep end… If theres any part of this interview to watch its this last couple minutes.

7:07 His phone rings in the middle of the interview and says, that “It’s my better half, my better ho, my better half.” He proceeds to go and explain that the other day he kissed his sister while feeling her body…

at 8:40 Steph completely loses it and the Host loses all control…

This is a point guard who, for his career, averages almost 20 points and 8 assists. Which brings us to today. For the second straight day, he refused to play. After sitting out most of last year mourning a death in the family, a little lengthy, but relatively understandable, people already have shaky questions about his behavior. And now, with all these questions swarming, he refuses to even play, to even prove that despite all the talk about his stability, he is still an above average basketball player.

Does he realize how people see him? Does he realize, the Knicks are just looking for an excuse to drop his ass and free up more space for Lebron?

He is either crazy, or high 24 hours a day, you decide.


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