don’t believe the hype

Chalk Jock by mchoy

I’m pretty sure, in cases you guys don’t realize it, we are in the golden age of the commercial. Yeah, you heard it here first. The 60s and the 70s were the Golden age of Rock and Roll, the 80s and the 90s have hip hop and professional basketball, the 2000s have the commercial.

One of the best commercials out there right now is the Lebron James Chalk Commercial. Sidenote: Lebron James is making a serious run at MJ for best commercials…

Anyways, just one thing that bothers me about this, other than seeing Weezy’s random ass craggly smiling face in the middle of a sneaker commercial, is that Lebron completely stole the whole chalk thing from KG. KG’s been doing that since he got into the league.


Maybe the two worked it out in an awkward meeting at the scoring table both looking for chalk before a Cavs-Celtics game, but I don’t think KG does it anymore.

It’s too bad, because since then, it seems like Garnett’s gone off the deep end with all kinds of silliness

and don’t forget about that crazy KG crawl thing from last season…

In other news, my Warriors are still doing their best to become the softest defense in the history of the league, losing tonight to Denver 105-123. They also let the Nuggets shoot 53 percent from the field. As of this season they currently give up 111.6 ppg to lead any other team in the NBA by almost 5 ppg given up a game. Beautiful.


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Weezy is the best part about that commercial

Comment by Tommy

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