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Lets get some things straight before I become old and uncool… by mchoy

Recently, I found a fascinating tumblr blog written by an incredibly obscure American Filmmaker, Walker Lamond. So obscure in fact, that when we searched for him on Wikipedia, it answered “This subject does not warrant an article in Wikipedia”. Nevertheless, he has compiled and continues to update a charming, simple list of “1001 rules for my unborn son”.

The rules range from practical advice (Address anyone who carries a firearm professionally as Sir or Madam) to profound pearls of wisdom (Don’t boast about projects in progress. Celebrate completion) to always-good-to-know sport fundamentals (To execute a proper tackle, lower your shoulder, not your head, and remember to wrap up..). This is by far one of the classiest, most stylish blogs we have seen on the web so far. Lamond’s quaint sometimes even corny charm remind us of some virtues and niceties that never go out of style. Along with a list of rules, Lamond adds quotes and pictures that give the blog a uniquely alluring type of charisma.


A couple of our favorite rules after the JUMP

101. Root for the home team, even when they suck.

132. If you don’t know what a word means, ask. Before it’s too late.

140. Never sit down on a ballfield. Take a knee.

183. Be quick with a “good morning”.

186. Have a favorite song.

238. Read before bed every night.

244. Choose a window seat and enjoy the view.

247. Twice a year, write down your goals.

249. Identify your most commonly used word or phrase, and eliminate it.

296. Never turn down an invitation to speak in public.


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