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Finally a clash of true champions, BJ Penn and Georges St. Pierre by garrickismypal

As many people have noticed, from the many ads and commercials that the UFC has purchased, BJ Penn will finally get his second chance at beating Georges St, Pierre, the UFC’s reigning champion at 170 pounds.

The first encounter was a long drawn out war, with GSP taking the split decision. That was almost 3 years ago. This time both are more evolved fighters than before, both at the peak of their careers. Both fighters are coming off of superb winning streaks, with GSP dispatching Josh Koscheck, Matt Hughes, Matt Serra, and Jon Fitch, and BJ on a 3 fight winning streak after finishing Jens Pulver, Joe Stevenson, and Sean Sherk.

This fight is incredibly difficult to call, as both fighters have very little weaknesses. But what we can do is break down their skill sets and see who has the slight edge in each discipline.

the complete breakdown after the JUMP…

Stand up

Both fighters are very familiar with fighting on their feet, as they both have an extensive background in striking martial arts. BJ has been boxing as long as he has been doing Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, and he has demonstrated his heavy hands time and time again. His timing with punches and seeing punches coming is almost second nature. Penn has shown powerful knee strikes when he sees the opportunity, but mainly relies on his hands to inflict damage to the opponent when standing up. Penn has also not shown much skill is dealing with leg kicks, and will likely be uncomfortable dealing with GSP’s sporadic up and down kickboxing style.

GSP has a background in Karate, and employs the entire kick boxing package with punches, kicks, knees and elbows when fighting on the feet.¬† The combinations St. Pierre creates with his striking is bound to perplex BJ over and over unless Penn has been training and sparring with top kickboxing fighters. GSP’s greater size and strength will also play a big part in the stand up fight game, allowing him more reach and power. He also utilizes the length of his legs to its greatest advantage, which will allow St. Pierre to comfortably weave in and out of BJ’s reach to score punches and kicks unless Penn demonstrates the necessary footwork to fight with the larger and stronger St. Pierre.

The edge in stand up goes to GSP. Penn has the heavier hands, but GSP will frustrate him with his endless barrage of various strikes.

Wrestling and Take Downs

Georges St. Pierre has shown a remarkable ability to take down just about anyone he feels like. Said to have the best MMA geared wrestling, I can confidently predict that he will take BJ Penn down in awe-inspiring fashion several times in tomorrow’s fight. He also demonstrated in his fight against Matt Hughes that it is incredibly hard to reverse his position once he is on top. BJ should be well at home fighting off his back, especially since if the fight goes the ground, that is where he will be spending much of his time. BJ showed off great wrestling skills against smaller fighters such as Jens Pulver and Joe Stevenson, but certainly will not have the luxury of size in the fight against St. Pierre. I expect GSP to take Penn down to the ground at will if he so chooses to.

If GSP slips up and makes the mistake of letting BJ get on top however, it could be very dangerous for GSP as BJ is a very difficult fighter when he has position on the top. GSP’s size advantage makes the possibility of that slim.

The edge in wrestling goes to GSP, yet BJ has very formidable takedown defense, as well as his own take down game, but GSP’s wrestling is a bulldozer to Penn’s bulldog.


While both fighters have shown an incredible submissions game, I would have to say that this is where BJ has the advantage. Being the winner of many grappling tournaments, BJ has many tricks and moves in his grappling game that GSP has yet to display. If BJ is able to coil around GSP with his snake-like legs then a submission is very possible. Once BJ has a favorable position, it is extremely difficult to escape to safer territory, which GSP may discover when grappling for a submission finish. GSP has a great grappling game, but he relies more on his physical strength and athletic ability to secure submissions, while BJ uses his superior knowledge and technique to submit opponents.

The edge goes to BJ Penn, although GSP is not at a great disadvantage.


Because of the size difference, BJ comes up short in many of the aspects of the game. Unless he damages St. Pierre with his hard hitting boxing skills, he will likely be outclassed on the feet and could be taken down with ease. Perhaps you may think that his excellent takedown defense will prevent him from being violently taken down by GSP, but after seeing Josh Koscheck and Matt Hughes seemingly flop against GSP’s godlike wrestling skills, it is difficult to imagine Penn faring significantly better.

Yet BJ Penn has the element of the upset, being the underdog in many of his previous fights and coming out the victor.

Georges St. Pierre has shown a small tendency to become a tad intimidated by his opponent, but he has likely realized this and taken care of it being the professional that he is.


BJ Penn may be able to hang with GSP for several rounds, but his less intense training regimen will reveal itself as the fight goes on. Penn had better hope for a punch to connect right on the button against St. Pierre, because the Canadian invasion that is Georges St. Pierre will do nothing less than punish the Hilo boy round after round.

Boasting superior size, strength, agility, and stamina, GSP is bound to win unanimously should the fight go the distance.

However, at this level any mistake can be exploited which leads me to predict that this fight will end even before the third round. I believe both fighters will end the “feeling out” process very quickly and engage at full speed after the opening minutes.

On paper GSP should edge BJ.

However, with that said, I’m taking the upset and predicting that GSP will enter the cage with an aura of overconfidence. GSP will make some critical mistakes in the second, which BJ will capitalize on, bringing St. Pierre back down to the earth with a late round technical knock out.

Enjoy the fight everyone.


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“BJ Penn may be able to hang with GSP for several rounds” – buddy they only fight five rounds max…

GSP striking advantage?? i donno about that. GSP definitely doesn’t want to stand striking for long. a fresh penn can outstrike gsp.

that said gsp’s wrestling and conditioning win the fight. leg kicks, body shots, up&down game to tire penn.

Comment by motherfucker

gee it looked like george had no problem standing with BJ. i guess a “fresh” BJ is something we won’t see for a while since he was never even given a chance, I would blame something called a gameplan.

and i guess i shoulda said he would only last about 1 round, but wait thats wat happened already so how would i know.

Comment by garrickismypal

can you write an article on benjamin button or taken. kthxbye!

Comment by ray

BJ Penn’s striking > GSP’s striking in terms of effectiveness. GSP does a good job mixing it up, but his hands arent nearly as quick as BJ’s. HOWEVER, because of great game planning, he was able to make BJ look like a sloth on his feet by making all the blood flow into BJ’s shoulders early on (defending takedowns). GSP won that fight based on his size and wrestling ability.

Comment by caseyly16

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