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Bryce Brown Update: Miami’s not out by mchoy

Just the latest from the whole Bryce Brown situation.

His father has said Miami is not out as a choice, but with all that has happened it hardly seems like he is going to end up there. A new rivals article here lays out the situation pretty clearly.

It seems like he has eliminated Clemson and Missouri from the list of possible schools. With SC pulling out, that leaves Oregon, Tennessee, Kansas State, LSU, and Miami.

Most experts have him ending up at LSU. However, hyp3’s prediction is him deciding to go to Oregon. Though exposure would be a little limited being in the Pac-10, if I were him I would think long and hard about going to this Oregon team. They have a very established offense centered almost completely around the runningback (see Jonathan Stewart) and they play in conference that will be, defensively, one of the worst at stopping the run in the country.

Certainly Kansas State also fits this profile, but losing Josh Freeman to the draft this year could take away from the productivity of the offense. On the contrary, Oregon had the most explosive offense in the Pac-10 with a good running QB in Jeremiah Masoli. With a good dual threat QB in that Oregon read option offense, he could really thrive and pad his stats.

Thats whats up.



Watch me go on yall as I break down my most played hip hop albums of the 2000’s.

Peep it after the JUMP

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The madness is coming by mchoy

As March Madness approaches and the murmurs of anticipation grow around the world of college basketball, we just thought we would prepare you with a little foretaste of probably the greatest tournament in all of sports.

Gus Johnson, one of the signature voices  of the tourney on CBS, made this vintage Gus call on Al Harrington’s 3 pointer…

Take a listen.

Now if that doesn’t get you in the mood for madness. I’m not sure what will.

BLOCK PARTY by caseyly16
February 18, 2009, 12:26 am
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Time to break things up with a little NBA action.

Check out the best part of last night’s LA Lakers vs Atlanta Hawks game

Shannon Brown absolutely destroys Mario West. Poooooor guy:

Kinda reminiscent of this block by the G.O.A.T.

Good times.

Switch the style up by caseyly16

Casually surfing through youtube when I came accross this dope remix of Kanye’s Robocop.

Ch-check it out:

Beautiful flip of the beat.

The entire remixed album can be downloaded HERE

Now get back on  your grind!

Children’s Story by caseyly16
February 17, 2009, 10:19 am
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Detroit Hip Hop Artist Royce da 5’9″ is a beast.

First droppin’ “Shake This” last month (produced by none other than premo himself) and now he drops one of the most encaptivating hip hop cautionary tales I’ve ever heard:

That’s some scary shit.

Royce is a monster. Slick Rick would be proud.

HYPEBUSTERS Vol 1: MEN’S PANTS by caseyly16


Something inexplicable has happened to men’s fashion. When I walk down the street, I see “men” everywhere wearing pants suitable for 16 year old girls.

Follow us in our inaugural Hypebusters segment as we examine this phenomena and the dos and donts of men’s pants after the JUMP! Continue reading