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Noon UPDATE: USC Recruiting, National Signing Day 2009 by mchoy

I”m going to run down every single top recruit that is considering or has already chosen USC…

List after the JUMP, more updates throughout the Day

Bryce Brown (NO.1 Overall Recruit, RB) Soft Commit to Miami, rumored to still be extensively looking around, may wait until after signing day to sign

Matt Barkley (NO.1 QB Recruit, up until a couple weeks ago, the NO.1 Overall Recruit) Already enrolled at USC, no reason to sign LOI. Already taking classes here. No joke, I have class with him Wednesday nights.

Devon Kennard (NO.1 DE Recruit) LOI Signed, Will BE a Trojan

Vontaze Burfict (NO.1 LB Recruit) Decommitted SC, LOI Signed with Arizona State, could not meet academic eligibility to attend USC

Jelani Jenkins (NO.2 5 STAR LB Recruit) LOI Signed with Florida, Never really strongly considering SC

Dre Kirkpatrick (NO.1 DB Recruit) Undecided, Will Sign in a couple hours, USC is one of 12 Schools in the Running Signed LOI with Alabama

Manti Te’o (5 STAR LB Recruit) Reports had him coming here to SC, but Signed LOI at Notre DAme

Patrick Hall (5 STAR Recruit ATH 19th Overall) Gave SC a Solid verbal a couple weeks ago, but with the way this day and the last couple days have been going for solid verbal SC commits, nothings for certain. Signed LOI, going to be a Trojan.

TJ McDonald (5 STAR DB Recruit, 30th Overall) Same deal with Hall, hopefully he signs soon. Signed Sealed Delivered. Welcome to the Family.

Randall Caroll (4 STAR WR Recruit, 39th Overall) Recently been rumored to have been flip flopping between UCLA and USC. Will announce at 6:30 Pacific TIME Signed with UCLA

Jarvis Jones (4 STAR LB Recruit, 4th Overall Weakside LB) Chose to go come to SC over Florida or Texas, can play either LB or DE. Signed LOI

Byron Moore (4 STAR DB Recruit) Plays mostly at safety, but is a touch undersized. Signed his LOI to be a Trojan.

Alshon Jeffrey (4 STAR WR Recruit) Flip Flopped between USC (Southern Cal) and USC (South Carolina) ended staying close to home with the Gamecocks.

Jawanza Starling (4 STAR S Recruit) Signed with USC

Frankie Telfort (4 STAR LB Recruit) Signed with USC


At this point, losing two of our most high profile recruits the day of Signing day, I think its a good idea to swing for the fences and go for Bryce Brown. Though we are stacked at RB now, he would provide us a silver lining to an already disappointing Signing day. I am especially surprised at Te’o’s choice. It was always between USC, UCLA, and ND, but I figured with him being an LA kid that he would pick an LA school. Coach Carroll was prepared to offer him the hallowed No. 55 LB jersey, worn by some of the best LB of all time, if he came here. All indications since his visit said that he was on his way over to South Central. Once again the prestige factor at Notre Dame probably won out.

Burfict’s decision to commit to SC in Junior Year is one that had obviously come into question. He had problems academically and would not have been able to enroll here unless he took online classes during the summer. He ended up going to a school that, unsurprisingly, has little to no academic eligibility requirements for student athletes or students in general.

What we can take solace in is that, come next season, we will meet both these teams on the field and these young LBers who had a chance to become the next great LB tandem (Rey Maualuga/Brian Cushing) will see what they missed out on. Overall, the loss of our two big LB recruits probably overshadowed what was not a completely lost signing day. In the past we have seen that a 5 star recruit does not necessarily translate to success on the college field (Crabtree was a 3 star) and we have signed many great looking 4 stars, but this Recruiting class had a chance to be something really special.

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