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THE NEW USC 2009 Recruiting Class and other business from the Land of TROY by mchoy

The final Letters of Intents slowly came in on Thursday and Coach Carroll put the wraps on another top 5 national recruiting class. The full list of recruits can be found after the jump. The lost recruits Te’o and Burfict overshadowed the fact that we locked up the best QB in the nation long ago as well as 3 of the other top 5 star recruits in the nation. Most recruiting services such as or have the USC recruiting class ranked anywhere between the 3rd to the 7th best recruiting class in the nation.

The main question left unanswered from Signing Day is where Bryce Brown, Rivals’ Number 1 overall recruit, is going to end up. He had soft committed to Miami a few weeks ago, but he has wavered and continued to make visits to other schools until Signing Day. He was one of the few athletes who did not announce his decision on Signing Day and many sources are saying he will not announce for another month. Until then Miami, Oregon, Southern Cal, Kansas State, Tennessee, and Auburn, are all going to have to hold their breaths.

His main concern is offensive line signings which gives SC a good chance at signing him having signed the top 2 OL recruits last year and some good other OL recruits this year, however many of the rumors have him ending up in Oregon. As in the days of Dennis Dixon, Oregon’s run heavy offense could be a major selling point to what many people consider the best High School runningback since Adrian Peterson.

Hes also quite the Fashionista

He's also quite the Fashionista

More business from the Land of Troy and full recruit list after the JuMP


Matt Barkley QB 6-3 226 4.7 6.1 Santa Ana, CA
Patrick Hall ATH 6-1 181 4.4 6.1 Ventura, CA
Devon Kennard DE 6-3 257 4.7 6.1 Phoenix, AZ
T.J. McDonald DB 6-2 200 4.55 6.1 Fresno, CA
Hebron Fangupo DT 6-2 330 4.91 6.0 Walnut, CA
Kevin Graf OL 6-6 301 5.1 6.0 Agoura, CA
Jarvis Jones DE 6-3 226 4.6 6.0 Columbus, GA
John Martinez OL 6-2 264 4.88 5.9 Salt Lake City, UT
Byron Moore DB 6-0 188 4.5 5.9 Harbor City, CA
Marquis Simmons LB 6-2 215 4.69 5.9 Compton, CA
Jawanza Starling DB 6-2 195 4.55 5.9 Tallahassee, FL
Frankie Telfort LB 5-11 197 4.5 5.9 Miami, FL
James Boyd ATH 6-4 211 4.8 5.8 Los Angeles, CA
De’Von Flournoy WR 6-0 178 4.47 5.8 Van Nuys, CA
Torin Harris DB 6-0 175 4.5 5.8 Las Vegas, NV
Kevin  Greene DE 6-3 230 4.65 5.7 San Francisco, CA
Jake Harfman K 5-11 205 5.4 Walnut, CA
Simione Vehikite RB 6-1 243 4.6 5.4 Kapolei, HI

As you can see, the loss of Burfict and Te’o the stud 5 STAR LB overshadowed yet another very impressive class of recruits. As for those two, the main story of why they opted to veer from the fast track to the NFL varies greatly.

Te’o reportedly connected well with Charlie Weiss (who woulda thought Weiss was actually a personable guy) and most reports claim Burfict’s reasons center around Academic factors. One rumor says that Burfict was not immediately academically eligible for USC while ASU had already accepted him. The story goes that USC was still waiting for some grades from online classes to come through. However ASU fans say that the reason Burfict chose ASU over USC was because ASU apparently has better academic support for it’s student athletes and his mother liked that aspect much better. Moreover, Burfict apparently has some friends going to ASU as well so its not extremely surprising outside Southern Cal that he chose to be a Sun Devil.

In other news, our great and honorable leader Pete Carroll has been named the “Coolest Coach” by the Bleacher Report. For me its a toss up between Mike Tomlin and Pete. This is how Bleacher Report works it out and it is difficult to argue against having the two as the top two in the list of Coolest Coaches in sports.

1. Pete Carroll, USC football

What’s so cool about cool is that different guys do it different ways, but all end up on this list together. While Tomlin is like an overprotective father staring down his daughter’s boyfriend, Carroll is like the cool uncle who always slips you a $100 bill and is dating a model half his age.

In an era where virtually every school is competing on an even playing field, it was almost universally agreed upon that the dynastic era of college football was over.

Only no one told Pete Carroll.

The Trojans are 88-15 under Carroll’s watch and have not lost more than two games since his first season in Troy. Players from all over the country flock to L.A. to play for a Carroll, a guy who’s as enthusiastic about his job as your 16-year-old hostess at T.G.I. Fridays. In a sport where coaches demand control like Eastern European dictators, Carroll is the anti-Bill Belichick, opening his practices to the public and the game day sidelines to celebrities like Snoop Dogg.

Seriously, could you see Charlie Weis using one of his players as an April Fool’s joke? Or Nick Saban letting Will Ferrell show up to practice in a superhero costume to motivate his team? Of course not, but that’s because there’s only one Pete Carroll. The coolest coach in all of sports.

2. Mike Tomlin, Pittsburgh Steelers

3. Phil Jackson, Los Angeles Lakers

4. Joe Maddon, Tampa Bay Rays

5.Jim Calhoun, UConn Huskies

6. Les Miles, LSU Tigers

7. Mike D’Antoni, New York Knicks

8. Jim Leyland, Detroit Tigers

9. Urban Meyer, UF Gators

10. Terry Francona, Boston Red Sox

Full article and explanation of each spot here.

Not so sure about Jim Calhoun, but its a pretty good list overall. I’d add Jack Del Rio, just because the dudes a classy ass motherfucker.

More info about the SC recruiting class:


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Happy April Fool’s Day!

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