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Currently Listening to… Jake One: White Van Music by mchoy

I thought we would start a little segment here on hyp3 because it just so happens the staff here at hyp3 all have a spectacular taste for great music. Basically, whatever music or album we are currently listening to, it could be anything: something freshly dropped or an album from way back when, we’ll let you know whats what.
Just a quick rating and some of our favorite tracks.


HiLites (in order of importance):

“The Truth” ft. Freeway and Brother Ali
“How We Ride” ft. Freeway
Trap Door” ft. MF Doom

YouTubes of the HiLites after the JUMP:

“The Truth” ft. Freeway and Brother Ali

“How We Ride” ft. Freeway

“Trap Door” ft. MF Doom

EC’s ratings guide

1-50 Terrible, we suffer so you don’t have to
50-60 One or two good songs, the rest, don’t bother
60-70 A Few good songs, maybe a great one
70-80 Worth listening to if you have the time
80-90 Definitely rewarding, deserving of a thorough listening
90-100 Illmatic, 36 Chambers, Could be EPIC

Obviously, we may do more thorough reviews of albums as they come out (Detox?) as we did with 808’s last year, but this is just a quick way for us to let you know what we’re listening to as well as if it is or is not worth listening to in our most humblest of opinions.


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