don’t believe the hype

Dream of Californication? by mchoy

I was reading an old Economist issue I had lying around and I came upon this interesting article about the shift of power in the Congress from the South to the Coasts, more specifically, to California. We hear a lot of talk about how the liberal leanings of our Congressmen and women have helped us become one of the most “forward thinking” states in the Union, but do you ever think about how the Democratic stranglehold on our state is hurting it?

Some food for thought…

The Californication of the Democratic Party carries all sorts of risks. The most obvious is that California has the most dysfunctional politics in the country. The Golden State has one of the highest unemployment rates in America, at 9.3%, thanks to its high taxes, its unions, its anti-business climate and its gigantic housing bubble. Some 100,000 people have fled the state each year since the early 2000s. More would follow if they could sell their houses. 

Think. link to the full article here.

EDIT: Since this article came out in February, unemployment in California has reached 10.1% as of early March. That means one in ten workers in California are unable to find a job.


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