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Every now and again you come across a blog that just brightens your day… by mchoy
April 8, 2009, 11:54 am
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I came across this crazy blog called “Ironic Sans”. Written by a photographer David Friedman, its basically a bunch of random ingenius sometimes hilarious ideas that he would like to see put into practice (A lot of them have been).

The ideas range from silly…

I’ve come up with T-Shirts for Hairy-Chested Men, with strategic cutouts that allow your hairy chest to show through. They could feature portraits of famous curly-haired celebrities like Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, and Harpo Marx (for blondes). At last, the Hairy-Chested Man can finally showcase his own natural chest hair with style.

To practical…

Grocery stores should sell progressively packed produce. Instead of buying a bunch of bananas picked at the same time, you get a packaged bundle of bananas (or other quick-to-ripen food), each at a different stage in ripeness, with stickers on them telling you in which order you should eat them. 


Some of the highlights:

Scientific Valentines

Fiber Optic Streetlights

John Jacob Jingleheimer nametags

The Ant Desk

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