don’t believe the hype

On the Edge of Paradigm Shifts… by caseyly16
October 14, 2009, 6:55 pm
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What is it? It is a new form of user interface that eliminates the need for a mouse and actively recruits all ten of your fingers into an intuitive system which allows for an increase in efficiency and productivity.  It essentially removes the limitations of the mouse by allowing for increased bandwidth.

To put it in simple terms: ten fingers > one pointer.

Also, the touch pad system also comes with an entirely new GUI, which is designed with many of the original Windows and Apple OS features but some twists to accommodate for the new “mouse” interface.

Is this the future? Check it out…

*Keep in mind this video is simply a CONCEPT to generate discussion. Personally, I believe that there is definite potential in taking the level of interactivity to new heights. However, I believe they should find a way to incorporate the KEYBOARD into this system as well, creating an all in one interface rather than having them be separate. Finally, one of the best features of the mouse is the way that it is confined to ONE SIDE. While this invention may not seem significant, I believe that part of the fluidity of interaction between the user and the computer is the fact that if you’re right handed, you use the mouse on the right side to guide your interaction and the keyboard to define it. It’s human psychology. Maybe there should be a touch pad on one side rather than under the keyboard? Discuss.


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