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The LeBacle by mchoy
July 10, 2010, 10:02 am
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Still trying to wrap my head around what I hate most about this Lebron business. Here’s my list:

1. Crushed any hope of a rise to prominence for an already beat down Cleveland franchise, something I can relate to because I know if it had happened in Golden State I would be crushed.

2. Because I didn’t see much of Jordan, Lebron crushed any hope of seeing a player transcend the sport and become the greatest player of all time.

3. It cements his unique legacy in sports as the biggest waste of talent. Lets be clear, we probably will never see at 6-8 245 lb Big man with a jump shot and the ability to outrun guards half his size. Its just too bad he wasn’t up for a challenge. Its just too bad he wasn’t a competitor.

4. It means that I hope the Lakers win 5 more championships, crushing the Heat for years to come. It also means that I now realize how much of a competitor Kobe is and that my respect for him has increased ten-fold.

5. It exposes how much we, as fans, care far too much about the sport and seeing something truly great, as well as, comparatively, how little the athletes that we place have this perspective.

In the end, the Bill Simmons¬†mailbag probably does the best job at encapsulating all the things wrong with the way LeBron handled the 2010 Free Agency period. Highlights after the jump…

Its just amazing to see how quickly LeBron went from universally liked and cheered for to the guy you hope fails.

City: Chicago
Name: Ron

I think we’re realizing that LeBron was never made up of the same stuff as Kobe or MJ. And the things that we saw him doing in the future were things that we wanted for him, because of his transcendent skills. But in the end, he just didn’t want those things. He was abandoned as a kid, if you see his high school documentary, you see all he wants to do is be a part of something, not be something. He just wants to be a part of a group and be wanted. We’ve just all along wished he was wired for greatness. He’s not. And it’s a shame.

City: Atlanta
Name: Eric Retter

Closest example to what LeBron did with Cleveland: Instead of proposing to your girlfriend, dumping your wife on the Jumbotron. At the Super Bowl.

City: New York
Name: Rob

As a Knick fan I’m not even mad, I’m just disappointed. He gave up. He quit. The most gifted basketball player ever said “I can’t do it.” How disheartening is that for sports fans? He had options, and good options, to be the man on a good team with a legitimate second banana (Amare, Rose) or stay with a 60-win team, but he chose to ride the coattails of Wade. Wow. He gave away his shot at being the greatest ever … or even entering the discussion. What competitor does that?

City: Cleveland
Name: Rick C

John Wooden said “It takes talent to get to the top, but it takes character to stay there.”

It is now apparent that LeBron does not have the requisite character.

City: New Canaan, Conn.
Name: Peter Kirschenbaum

I am a lifetime Heat fan. Last night: Mixed emotions. This free agency has been like winning two different lotteries. When Wade and Bosh chose the Heat, it felt like winning a $5 million lotto jackpot. Having LeBron pick the Heat feels like winning the powerball megamillion. Now nobody likes you and all of the sudden you have all these bandwagon fake friends wanting to hang out since you’re finally worth something. You can’t enjoy your money anymore because everyone wants a piece. Am I happy about winning the powerball? Yes, of course. Is it wrong though, that I feel like I might’ve been better off just winning the $5 million jackpot?

City: Akron, Ohio
Name: Joel

My perspective is simple: there is no way Michael Jordan ever makes this choice. None. It’s sad for Cleveland, that is for sure. But, honestly, I think it’s sadder for basketball because we’re missing the chance to see a basketball specimen come into his own and reach that rarified level of transcendent player. Maybe the Heat play beautiful basketball, but I think no matter what this will be remembered for three things: LeBron’s ego, the realization that he is scared to be great, and that we all know, no matter what, Michael Jordan never would have chosen this path. LeBron will never touch Jordan’s shadow at this point, let alone surpass him. And I think that lack of chase is a sad day for basketball.

City: Ottawa, Ontario
Name: Dave Smyth

The first comparisons people were making last night were that LeBron will now be Magic to Wade’s Kareem, or more accurately Pippen to Wade’s Jordan. Sorry, but the real comparison here is A-Rod.

A-Rod is also the most physically gifted and talented guy in his sport. A-Rod also has the biggest ego in his sport. A-Rod also has no heart and no guts and typically gags in the playoffs. A-Rod blew off a smaller market team (Seattle) that adored him to play in Texas. A-Rod decided to go the Yankees to win rings knowing that they would always be Jeter’s team. A-Rod won a World Series last year but nobody considers him a champion the same way they look at Jeter because he didn’t help build the Yankees. How is any one of those things any different in any way shape or form than LeBron? The Heat will always be D-Wade’s team regardless of how many titles LeBron wins there. Congratulations on your decision LeBron — you have successfully downgraded your career arc to A-Rod. Unbelievable.


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